Deadline for submission: 2002-11-03
Notification of acceptance: 2003-01-11
Deadline for final version: 2003-02-16
Early registration: 2003-02-16
Workshop: 2003-05-14 - 2003-05-17
WRTP'03 Call for Papers: PDF format (228kB), TXT format (11kB)

The workshop will consist of formal presentations, discussions, and informal meetings covering recent advances and current issues in theory, applications, and technology of real-time programming and real-time database management. It is intended to promote interaction among researchers and practitioners and to evaluate the maturity of new directions in real-time software and real-time database systems. The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:
  • Advances in real-time software engineering
    • Real-time programming languages
    • Requirements engineering methods for real-time systems
    • Software analysis and design methods for predictable
      behaviour and verification & validation
    • Object orientation in real-time environments
  • Real-time systems issues
    • Scheduling of real-time tasks and transactions
    • Real-time concurrency control and resource management
    • Real-time operating and database systems
    • Real-time system architectures
    • Communication in real-time systems
    • Distributed real-time and database systems
  • Formal methods in discrete control systems
    • Formal methods for (re-)programmable logic controllers
    • Formal verification of programs for logic controllers
  • Safety critical computer control applications
    • Design for safety, dependability and survivability
    • Verification and validation of real-time software
    • Fault tolerance
  • New directions in real-time database systems
    • Active and real-time databases, time-constrained rule management
    • Event monitoring under temporal constraints
    • Transactions with temporal urgency and validity constraints
  • Real-time applications and experience
    • Industrial applications and experience
    • Evaluation of current real-time systems and databases
    • Real-time/control systems with challenging time constraints