28th IFAC/IFIP Workshop on Real-Time Programming International Workshop on Software Systems IWSS 2004 IFAC TC3.1 Technical Committee on Real-Time Software Engineering IFIP WG 10.5 Design and Engineering of Electronic Systems
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Some words about INSTABUL (goturkey.kultur.gov.tr)

Istanbul Hilton Hotel

HILTON HOTEL..... has great view to Bosphorus

Single Bed: $150.00
Double Bed: $160.00

Detail info about Hilton Hotel Fact Sheet (PDF Format)
( local copy of pdf file)

Grand Hoteli Halic

GRAND HALIC... has a great view to GOLDEN HORN
It is walking distance with Hilton Hotel or with taxi ($3.00).

Single Bed: 40 Euro
Double Bed: 50 Euro

Inside view
Outview (mpeg)
Manzara (mpeg)

Both Hilton and Grand Halic rates are special for the IWSS/WRTP Participants. For these rates, hotel reservations should be made throughout the Turk Ekspres:

Turk Ekspres:   http://www.turkekspres.com.tr/iwss

Turk Ekspres is a professional travel agency in Istanbul. They will help both hotel reservations and the social events.
Webmaster: wrtp04@iie.uz.zgora.pl