28th IFAC/IFIP Workshop on Real-Time Programming International Workshop on Software Systems IWSS 2004 IFAC TC3.1 Technical Committee on Real-Time Software Engineering IFIP WG 10.5 Design and Engineering of Electronic Systems
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WRTP'04 Call for Papers: PDF format (137kB), TXT format (10kB)

WRTP 2004 will be held in conjunction with IWSS 2004 - International Workshop on Software Systems. IWSS aims at providing a critical survey of the current status of tools, methods, and technologies for elaborating software and complex systems. Particular emphasis will be laid on software & systems engineering approaches useful in defined, building, verifying today's many safety critical system applications.

Within the framework of IWSS, programming of real-time systems with its specification is one of the most critical domains. Although pervading in more and more safety critical computer control applications, the discipline still lacks systematic elaboration and formalization. Further, novel methodologies and techniques from general computing are making their way into the real-time domain.

The workshop will consist of formal presentations, discussions, and informal meetings covering recent advances and current issues in theory, applications, and technology of real-time programming and real-time database management. It is intended to promote interaction among researchers and practitioners and to evaluate the maturity of new directions in real-time software and real-time database systems. The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:
  • Advances in real-time software engineering
    • Real-time programming languages
    • Requirements engineering methods for real-time systems
    • Software analysis and design methods for predictable
      behaviour and verification & validation
    • Object orientation in real-time environments
  • Real-time systems issues
    • Scheduling of real-time tasks and transactions
    • Real-time concurrency control and resource management
    • Real-time operating and database systems
    • Real-time system architectures
    • Communication in real-time systems
    • Distributed real-time and database systems
  • Safety critical computer control applications
    • Design for safety, dependability and survivability
    • Verification and validation of real-time software
    • Fault tolerance
  • Formal methods in discrete control systems
    • Formal methods for (re-)programmable logic controllers
    • Formal verification of programs for logic controllers
  • New directions in real-time database systems
    • Active and real-time databases, time-constrained rule management
    • Event monitoring under temporal constraints
    • Transactions with temporal urgency and validity constraints
  • Real-time applications and experience
    • Industrial applications and experience
    • Evaluation of current real-time systems and databases
    • Real-time/control systems with challenging time constraints

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